Yiwu electronic monitoring work

Yiwu to further standardize administrative police officers, yiwu agent improve the clear appearance of police force, promoting careful and sincere, law enforcement electric powered monitoring technique to ensure the easy operation just lately, Yiwu City Supervision Department, Yiwu city rectification business office, Yiwu Urban planning Commission as well as other departments connected with health will be the wind Commun discipline evaluation teams Villages environmental security, family arranging law enforcement electric surveillance perform carried out area checks.


Yiwu inspectors have got electronickeeping track of enforcement in the family preparation work Beiyuan streets, congested city pavement, the Soviet Union Community,yiwu city  Niansanli roads, Fukuda Neighborhood, Jiangdong Lane, Choujiang roadways and other several units to get checked, as well as came to Yiwu City Ecological Protection Institution Check the total Yiwu Locations environmental safeguard law associated with electronic ccd work.

Assessment found the case could not exist a couple of units on the internet in time, event information problem occurred through the docking, the truth is not regular input, reduced efficiency regarding case managing. Yiwu check up team and also earnestly advised relevant devices and employees accountability.


Check out set needs, all of the digital surveillance Yiwu member sections to pay better attention to the task of police electronic cctv,Yiwu Christmas Market  law enforcement functions of decomposition carding along with optimized to guarantee timely scenario input to boost work performance and top quality. Yiwu Metropolis staff on a regular basis organize enterprise training, supervision measures for that electronic supervising system, re-learning practices, teaching, to ensure genuine and correct case details into the process. Yiwu to help intensify direction and bank checks, regular in addition to irregular perform self-correction, to find and fix problems.