The mayor of yiwu market environment


Yiwu Mayor QiuPing Sheng stressed that the getting area to focus on to boost the development and building of major preparing new area of jacks, identify the location, very clear goals, pay close attention to often the project construction as well as investment, accelerate the actual dry port organizing and development, and attempt to achieve as soon as possible global dry port metropolis targets.

QiuPing Sheng and his entourage attended Yiwu International Trade City, Yiwu ProLogis logistics area, logistics center throughout Yiwu China, that means Uzzi railway items yard site extension project and other plans, to learn about the development of key tasks concentrated area. Eventually held a community forum to coordinate and also solve issues along with problems encountered in the course of construction projects.

QiuPing Sheng pointed out that buy and sell service area design is a systematic undertaking, in the economic progress the new normal, meeting area to identify their particular position, strengthen total planning


. To strengthen the investigation entity in Yiwu market and other areas of future trends, definitely explore the development style of the actual market with Yiwu agent, effectively advertise the integration and progress online and offline; to assess the specific situation and grasp the heart beat of the electricity dealer, electricity providers recognize the focal point regarding development, expanding electrical energy Suppliers for establishing new areas; to spotlight market, industry, city transformation, inviting home-based first-class planning in addition to design units, large starting point, high common establishment of dried up ports District Improvement Plan.

QiuPing Sheng stressed the need to move all out to get a project, innovative providers to promote the task preparatory work, hard tackling advance terrain acquisition, promote basic safety and high quality structure, to ensure that the key assignments identified at the beginning of the particular successful completion. We should firmly grasp the expense, through home expenditure, professional investment, enterprise lead business, and so forth, and actively present electricity, logistics market giant settled, plays a part in sustainable development of hangzhou to yiwu.

QiuPing Sheng needs gathering Zone Major cadres should care to to take, punch line inside the project to ensure the easy progress of the job; to enhance learning, brand-new ideas, to conform to the new normal, dried out ports for the completely new construction of Yiwu wholesale market seek new advancements. Towns relevant division should strengthen dexterity in land obtain, project approval, development coordination, intensify help to the initiative to offer quality services, to market the construction of new dried ports.