Yiwu market to build brand image


Yiwu Mall Group secretary Li Yifei to carry out research. Li Yifei stressed the Mall Group should focus on the overall situation of the city and the municipal government reform and transformation center, combined with the actual, the courage to play, innovative mechanisms, striving to set an example and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the market in Yiwu, the Yiwu market, this "gold standard" Wipe brighter.


Li Yifei pointed out, Yiwu is in full deepening reform, accelerate the restructuring and development of the critical period and crucial period, but the development of Yiwu, Yiwu market is the lifeblood of the system, the market transformation is the development of the fundamental transformation of Yiwu. Mall Group as manager of Yiwu market, promote market transformation as a standard-bearer and the main responsibility and arduous tasks, the group from top to bottom must shoulder heavy responsibilities, to concentrate on work, development and create new achievements.


Li Yifei stressed, along with the Mall Group in Yiwu market was born, and promote the sustainable prosperity of the Mall Group in Yiwu wholesale market is the main industry in the face of new situation and new challenges, the group must be up and down times and promoting market transformation. Should foster the development of import trade as the current top priority realistically do a good job, bigger and stronger Museum of imported goods, to run the 2015 Import Commodities Fair, the Museum of imported goods imports of consumer goods to build the domestic first-class collection, distribution, procurement and distribution bonded trade business in one of the imported commodity trading center; to accelerate the convergence of online and offline, in accordance with the "Internet +" the idea of ​​e-commerce to guide market players continued to deepen, increase platform to promote the full integration of commodity markets and the Network Economy ; to promote the traditional market promotion, to further expand the market Yiwu International Trade City strategy, brand, management, services, capital as a link, use of brand elements gather integrate various resources, build real radiation, as well as global market distribution network; We should focus on standardized operating decisions, improve business efficiency, and other key assets value, and constantly improve the corporate governance mechanism, optimize the performance appraisal system, improve the selection and appointment mechanism, establish and improve the modern enterprise system, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all the staff, eclectic wide trick excellence in the world, for the development of the market new impetus.