Yiwu 6 projects included in major industrial projects in 2015

Yiwu city Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Zhejiang Provincial Department jointly issued a document, released 2015 annual list of major industrial projects in Zhejiang Province (the first), which was included in the city's six major industrial province project library.


6 projects, modern logistics has two projects, two, two travel services strategic emerging industries and high-tech industry projects. Two modern yiwu market logistics are the "righteous new Europe," the domestic logistics project and "Righteousness New Europe" railway station logistics center project, including domestic logistics former general storage area, logistics distribution Ribbon, uninstall transfer ribbon as well as ancillary roads content, which includes customs control point, cargo terminal and monitoring center, set of goods warehousing, logistics distribution warehouse, unloading transit warehouse and general warehouse, road works and so on. Both projects will be "righteous new Europe" trains normalization logistics operation to provide strong support.



Two strategic emerging industries and high-tech industrial projects, one in Zhejiang SenYu annual output of 250 million capsules and Dendrobium annual 95 million package Dendrobium granules products yiwu sourcing agent project, the second is limited Zhejiang Zhen Biao Technology The company's annual output of 200,000 square meters of high-frequency cover sheet and related new green multilayer laminated printed circuit board project.


Two tourist service projects are: CYTS International Investment (Beijing) Co., Ltd. CYTS · Wang Tao Time Cultural tourism resort projects and Asia (Le Mans) Motor Sports Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. Asian Le Mans sports culture project. The former is located in Chengxi Street, which is located Houzhai street.