Foreign exchange and obligations to a new level.

Within the meeting, Sheng Qiuping thanked a long time intended for Yiwu an important info to the reform and also development of the multitude of Chinese along with overseas Chinese compatriots in Hong Kong in addition to Macao. He explained that Yiwu is the foreign Chinese to return household and treasure. yiwu market map  Quite a few overseas Chinese as well as compatriots in Hk and relying on Yiwu market, by carrying out trade and business of enterprises and also dedication of love, internet dating and other means to help support the development of Yiwu, Yiwu Small Commodity with success to the world, worldwide Yiwu rattle grade, effectively expanding the actual Yiwu international have an effect on, enhance exchanges, synergy and friendship concerning Yiwu and around the universe. Founded Overseas Alternate Association, Yiwu along with Hong Kong and Macao compatriots, overseas China's to establish a transmission linkages, new links of cooperation in addition to win-win, marking the particular city's foreign exchange features entered a new step.


Sheng Qiuping claimed, as a series of change initiatives to promote improve, Yiwu usher in a very new round involving gold on the rise, along with a broad space to get development. Hope that most overseas Chinese as well as compatriots in Hk and Yiwu take opportunities for progress, make full use of the foundation's platform, through the progress cross-border e-commerce, yiwu city china  keep promote the construction connected with warehousing and other in a different country markets and thing Yiwu "going out", while promoting great foreign trade establishments, technology and marketplace, "bringing in" and also deepen Yiwu world wide exchanges in the grounds of culture, knowledge, tourism, management, staff members, technology, creativity along with design together to help expand play to the geographic, genetic, karmic attachment action and sencillo exchanges advantages to draw in more overseas China's and compatriots inside Hong Kong and Macao attention Yiwu, Yiwu support investment throughout Yiwu, in particular typically the active participation with the three new development. At the same time, we will in addition listen to opinions try and in depth, the introduction of useful policies to safeguard often the rights and likes and dislikes, and actively give quality services for you to live and do the job in Yiwu.


In a different country Chinese It is grasped that membership with Yiwu and Yiwu market have comprehensive contacts, Yiwu market  Hong Kong in addition to Macao more than one month million people.


Malaysia Exhibition was successfully held in Klang

2nd (2014) Klang cousin city of Yiwu Worldwide Commodity Exhibition as well as Fair Exhibition outdoors Malaysia Promotion preserved Yiwu International Expo Centre. New Yan Hong,Yiwu Airport  deputy movie director of Municipal Individuals Congress attended the actual meeting.


Available in greater detail on the economic situation within Malaysia, the investment decision environment, and bring in the relevant circumstances outside the house Malaysia Fair event and invited producers and the rest of Tiongkok, Yiwu, wholesale, submission, service chains and also exhibitors. It is documented that in 2014, 5 to seven December, the Second Sum Yiwu friendly town in international product Exhibition and Reasonable territory outside Malaysia Exhibition (KYICE2014) is going to be held in Malaysia Tone GM K lang Trade and Event Center. The display exhibition area of more than 10, 000 sq . meters,Yiwu market  is located a lot more than 300 standard booths, the audience is actually expected to attract fifty, 000 professional site visitors. The exhibition will certainly further strengthen the particular Klang as a exceptional port city of benefits, highlighting Malaysia because Chinese businessmen to spread out the EU marketplace bridgehead position, with regard to domestic and overseas enterprises and expert sellers convergence along with cooperation platform, typically the horse in goods pushed to the worldwide.


After Klang Yiwu in October this sister city, 2 cities in a number of places to carry out cooperation. That in December 2013, arranged by the Klang China's Chamber of Business,Yiwu Export Agent  and has been brought jointly promote both municipalities of the very first Sister Cities Tone Yiwu International Goods Fair Exhibition and out of doors Malaysia Exhibition (KYICE2013) by the Klang Yiwu cities successfully saved in Klang, the convention attracted a total associated with 108 Malaysian businesses and 108 China's businessmen and abroad exhibitors, the exhibit contents commodity in addition to service-oriented, to attract specialist audience of thirty, 000 people.

Yiwu purchase "plan together," progressing well

Yiwu purchase "Closing Program" in overseas market segments to cooperate in April 10 basically launched,Yiwu market  as of early on July, Yiwu order signed a assistance agreement with the acquiring agent in Down under, Japan, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Spain, Hungary and other 16 nations around the world and regions, through which Australia, Japan, Hungary and other three "purchase Yiwu" overseas sub-stations have been gradually exactly in danger, currently in test operation. It is found that Yiwu purchased international online platform buying and selling volume totaled 7. 26 million yuan.


Meanwhile, the invest in Yiwu "cooperation program" Progress on the part of the particular well, there are 20 domestic and specialist market in Yiwu purchase contract, it absolutely was lighted Xinyang Party, yiwu fair  southwestern Sichuan Luzhou Trade City, Shanghai in china Jinshan International Buy and sell City, Yunnan Baoshan Mao China Yiwu international trade Metropolis, Hebei Qingxian Hongdi Yiwu Small Item City. The "Luzhou buy" Xinyang "ten thousand righteous purchase" has been on-line, "Dongguan, Yiwu purchase, inches "purchase Yiwu Baoshan", "Shanghai Jinshan buy", "Anhui Bengbu buy" units have been accomplished around the building web site; Jincheng, Panjin Ningxia and other places had been also held in Yiwu asset display matchmaking enterprise, and the construction regarding Yiwu Small thing Exhibition Center inside Yuncheng, Shijiazhuang, Dongguan, Shanghai Jinshan, Wuzhong. In addition , Shijiazhuang and also Xiaoyi business provides come to visit Yiwu and reached any turnover of several. 2 million yuan.

Obligation Building

Done cross-border e-commerce company park Beiyuan clerk Xu Liqin begins to get busy, the girl took just as masterfully packaged overseas purchases, invoices and insert...... Xu Liqin declared this year, yiwu cafe  with the main cross-border Yiwu web platform construction as well as improvement of their self-confidence in cross-border commerce en ligne is more engaged right here enough, business gets prosperous.


Yiwu carefully around the "New Cotton Road, the new beginning point" development direction, strengthening multimodal transportation, and actively incorporate into the national "along the way" technique, to speed up the actual "Silk Road Online" construction. In the very first half of this year, Yiwu market  cross-border supervision of logistics platform for worldwide mail exchange workplaces and other steadily. Underneath the direct care associated with Premier Li Keqiang, the strong assistance of the provincial federal government and relevant condition ministries and commission rates under the General Management of Customs, their state Post Bureau, Tiongkok Post Group Company has officially accepted the establishment regarding Zhejiang Yiwu global mail since 06 1, 2015 swap offices and channels, Yiwu become right after Hangzhou and Wenzhou cities in our state to establish a third intercontinental mail exchange office buildings and stations.


Presently, Yiwu international email exchange offices is actually accelerating the changeover areas and cross-border supervision platform building of an international logistics shipment monitoring middle, yiwu city china  cross-border e-commerce (9610) supervision center. The actual project is located within the west side Municipal Aviation Road, grabbed the building on the southern side, a property area of 14, 617 square meters, closet of 10, 022 square meters, which 4320 square yards office of trade for international postal mail and international show mail monitoring centre 2851 square feets, the cross-border electric business monitoring facility 2851 square metres, a total investment of approximately 30 million yuan. Listing to sell the particular land currently being dealt with according to the procedure, the entire plane functional design demonstration has been completed, the continuing construction design sketches, construction in mid-July.

Obligation to prepare and docking flight company

The other day from the Civil Aviators Administration of Tiongkok official website had been informed that the cross-strait civil aviation regulators recently held cross-strait air transport 11th communication work meeting in Yangzhou. Both sides agreed to incorporate a new continent Yiwu Airport,Yiwu market including 6 cross-strait passenger airport terminal regularly waypoints, every waypoint per week for every side can be organized three round-trip plane tickets. This news is the person in charge of Yiwu airport confirmed.

It really is reported that, within cross-strait air transportation communication work 11th meeting, the two edges to increase periodic marks consensus occasional visitor charter arrangements, the brand new continent Yangzhou, Huai'an and Nantong, Yiwu, Yanji, Kashi half a dozen airports in cross-strait Regular passenger waypoint. The two sides decided to has been operating 2 calendar months (or more) of the events in accordance with the occasional traveler charter flights per week into seven normal flights to as well as from the two attributes a total of fourteen weekly round-trip routes.Yiwu Airport Above consensus to consider effect until the celebrations to fulfill the relevant verification process.

Thus, the entire frequency of regular cross-strait passenger flights through 840 classes each week increased to 890 classes (each part 445 flights for each week) weekly, Ls Ferry destinations improved from 55-61, where the Wuyi Hill, Meizhou, Yichang but still Luoyang charter locations. yiwu city china According to the Urban Advancement Office of Municipal Aviation airline accountable person, then, Yiwu Airport will begin formulations for flight organization and other interested functions for docking. Yiwu will become after Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, your fourth city in Zhejiang Province direct aircraft to Taiwan.

He won the first list the obligations of e-commerce

} BUENOS AIRES Recently, Alibaba Team Research Center launched the first domestic web research report Areas. The report information that Chinese commerce en ligne is in the county phase of the rapid increase of e-commerce for your county's economic as well as social development of the actual emerging strategic worth. Report for the first time released the "2013 China's e-commerce development PARKnSHOP county" list, that ranked first within Yiwu, yiwu market map Yongkang and also Haining, ranked 2nd and third. Zhejiang most nominated "electricity supplier PARKnSHOP region, " the number of 1949. Jiangsu, Fujian, correspondingly, 14 counties along with 13 finalists.

The actual report shows, based on county and towns nationwide e-commerce advancement index, Hong Kong in addition to Macao outside almost all provinces, municipalities as well as autonomous counties progress electronic commerce could be divided into six-tier, that is the first echelon associated with Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Fujian, Beijing, Tianjin It constitutes the 2nd tier. The first and also second echelon apparent advantages,Yiwu market  taking the five network operators catalog, the index from the top six buying on the web, e-commerce and its state development index is a lot higher than the third in order to sixth echelon, displaying a net companies and online shopping "comprehensive development, comprehensive top "feature.

Ali Investigation Center found which e-commerce development type of counties was right now "mode and varied, distinctive" feature. yiwu restaurant Through the characteristics of the business point of view, the "Trade lead type" (such as Yiwu), "Made in lead type" (such as Yongkang); from the point of view of maturation, the "network providers leading style" (eg Shucheng), the "online shopping leading kind "(such as Dunhuang).

Obligation to invest in highway construction

Because last February twenty-eight start, Yi Lan highway adhere to the actual "fine management, building standardization, service normalization", the project within strict accordance using the "Yiwu transportation investment decision and construction task quality management strategy (Trial)" and "Yi Lan Road 2015 three "Hundred Times tackling" contest evaluating the implementation associated with measures, "the inner management, quality administration, safety management, routine management, financial supervision, standardized management, yiwu airport code  civil construction management as well as environmental management info quantitative assessment, a minimum of a month twice with regard to construction, supervision and also engineering units in order to conduct the full selection of on-site inspection carpeting. At the same time, it requires the development unit in stringent accordance with regular operating strictly based on the drawings, in rigid accordance with methods for each construction section performed post-mortem program, inspection and failing must not be allowed to the actual next step. For modification to the higher regulators, quality supervision company and other related models issued under the conditions of the time must be permitted to enter the subsequent changement in place before design to ensure the project structure management in place.

Yi Lan Highway Task Office to the "masses satisfaction" as the common, take seriously the issue of the masses along with properly addressed. Because recently by the powerful influence of anticipation, Wu Yi Lan Cang highway collection, two lines Wu Qiu Township Street a more serious road imperfections and water, the particular PMO immediately arranged the construction unit from the key sections of preservation. According Trading Team, responsible person, both of these lines is the just construction material shipping channel,Yiwu market construction equipment, material handling automobile access frequently, the initial concrete pavement harm is serious, an excellent impact on village living, travel. After obtaining the reflected trading team organization of the development unit, centralized period, personnel, machinery resource efficiency, greatly improved typically the traffic. After that, often the timely convening in the town government, the development unit and other skill meetings, clarify the actual sections of the unit accountable for conservation, establishing efficiency normalization mechanism. Since the end of 06, a total investment capital regarding 150 million yuan conservation.