Obligation to foster tourism projects

Within Wuhu, Wuhu Sheng Qiuping his voisinage visited the figurine park. As the just city park within the cultural and organic landscape sculpture mixture theme park, Wuhu Figurine Park cleverly "three-dimensional art" into panoramas,Yiwu market  to create a distinctive metropolitan public space with regard to art and tradition. Sheng Qiuping stated, to seriously study the actual advanced experience as well as practices in Wuhu, Yiwu dig heavy historical and social background and good worldwide sculpture exhibition, speed up the pace associated with construction of the statue park, make statues and landscapes, ethnical essence Yiwu symbiotic communion, effectively increase the urban civilization Degree. The delegation additionally visited the Chery Automobile Co., Limited., Wuhu Chengdong Jiuzi town, Chery be aware of core technology investigation and development, global marketing and town advancement and construction, new design and so on.


Angie, the delegation frequented the Hello Cat theme parks, and also the Zhejiang Museum regarding Natural History Films & Television Angelina Industrial Park for more information about project planning, Yiwu City  investment decision, construction and administration. Sheng Qiuping mentioned the excellent experiences and also practices Angie produced in the development and building of major tasks, tourism, environment along with human resources to create a type of mining and other facets of the city has an essential inspiration and research. Currently, tourism reaches an important opportunity involving rapid development, the town should effectively boost the sense of obligation and urgency, take the lead to seek project strenuously recruit project, targeted at cultural, ecological, leisure and other development, promote the introduction of a number of high quality tourism projects, to assist push the additional development of the city's tourism promotion; in order to deepen the beautiful country side and play the ecological advantages, faucet the cultural significance, to create a group to build up "feature of the town" to promote tourism to be able to high-end, specialty improvement.


The obligations of cross-border e-commerce market

Plenary and accelerate the actual optimization and updating of foreign industry towards trade energy from the country's overseas trade, yiwu market products  foreign buy and sell development mode development, improve the competitiveness from the traditional advantages of items, consolidate export business, to promote trade in competitive prices, eugenic gifted a changeover. Weng Jianping, mouthpiece director of City and county Bureau of Business said that since the authorization of Yiwu extensive reform of worldwide trade, have been a significant breakthrough has been accomplished in many fields. Marketplace purchases trade recognized arrival embodiment, attached logistics center (B), air port, West Train Station control factors and other open systems have enabled, "Yiwu - Ningbo Beilun" sea-rail intermodal teaches and "Righteousness brand new Europe" Central European countries Trains has opened up, we have for the town and the province reinvigorate export growth. "International Trade comprehensive change implementation process, Yiwu comprehensive social as well as economic upgrading, and also constantly adapt to the internationalization of the metropolis to further deepen the great reform of global trade, accelerating the introduction of new open economic climate advantage. "


The very first three quarters of this yr, the city continues to enhance cross-border e-commerce advancement, turnover of forty-four. 5 billion yuan, average daily deliveries of 400, 000 votes.Yiwu market  Stop cross-border e-commerce service system, "meaning Netcom" officially launched, Yiwu cross-border electricity supplier statement, clearance time continues to be greatly improved. Yiwu cross-border e-commerce in public areas overseas warehouse "building standards", "service standards", "data exchange requirements, " "evaluation criteria" has completed the very first draft, the Foreign record cloud buy, meaning net Shopping mall, Yiwu Tong along with other 10 companies are an optimistic declaration of 2015 cross-border electricity provider provincial public stockroom overseas pilot. For your "support enterprises in order to expand foreign investment decision, the depth associated with integration into the worldwide industrial chain, worth chain, logistics cycle, to facilitate the particular establishment of cross-border e-commerce and other fresh trade system of" plenary session, City Office Director Huang Weiyong electricity dealer, said the city will certainly encourage cross boundary business enterprise, the use of the brand-new model through numerous channels outside the storage place, outside the building screen platform, accelerate typically the establishment of cross-border e-commerce development within Yiwu.

Obligations comprehensive development

CALIFORNIA To speed up the development of new dry vent city, to further develop the new channels connected with international trade, instill the development of EU-China Yiwu trains (meaning completely new European railway burial container train) as well as the main Silk Road fiscal belt in the twenty first century maritime Man made fiber Road countries tactic, recently, the gathering secretary Li Yifei led his system went to Xinjiang Alashankou, Horgos two line crossings,Yiwu Hotels  field journeys railway facelift factory, comprehensive Free Business zone, and Kazakhstan international border synergy zone and slot operations and other situation, and with the two the particular MC port, practices and other departments to matchmaking. The two interface authorities have said it may well vigorously support the roll-out of international trade throughout Yiwu, Yiwu, Cina and the EU to guide trains, Yiwu signific and export merchandise to provide convenient methods clearance conditions.


Alashankou, Horgos Port usually are two border crossings between China in addition to Kazakhstan, is located in typically the Eurasian Continental bridgehead west, west link up five Central Parts of asia, Russia, Yiwu market  Europe, distance toward the local market, China's development of the Silk Route economic belt, widening westward opening up a vital point. As a state first class port with western China's train, highway, pipeline method of travel trinity Alashankou dock since 1991, the local opening of the train cargo transit ever since the volume had looked after a more than 25% annual growth charge, over the volume, Methods taxation, trade several indicators rank often the forefront of the area crossings, road crossings become the first where you live now. Horgos financial small business tourism, transit of products and import as well as export trade united, with import and also export all-weather capabilities, Kazakhstan Horgos Foreign Border Cooperation Heart across China along with Kazakhstan, China, Kazakhstan and third places and persons things, vehicles can move freely across sides within the region, get pleasure from visa-free entry into your area to buy duty-free goods and other exclusive policies. Recently a couple ports have gotten State Council agreement, the entire column car or truck car import vent.


Strengthen cooperation while using two ports, yiwu city china  it can be conducive to give whole play to the greatest things about the city's deliver and border crossings advantages for fostering the creation of Central Europe Train locomotives to create good ailments. In recent years, the city's trade volume together with the five Central Parts of asia of rapid growing, Yiwu Central Eu trains is by means of Alashankou Port will probably ship Yiwu export products to Central Okazaki, japan, Russia and European union to effectively have fun with the comprehensive advantages of vía logistics for Yiwu import and exportation goods has created a new land course. Compared with conventional coastal, rail container train locomotives approximately doubles your aging; compared with the current trusted international express weather freight, air carry costs only a quarter of the timeliness prerequisites are not demanding, high-cost control requirements all over border e-commerce in addition to small , is the most most affordable solution, is important for any city's cross-border ecommerce development.



Obligations in accordance with high standards of construction

Using economic globalization along with regional economic implementation to promote the Yiwu market has steadily become an important software for foreign merchandise to enter the China's market, and entrepot trade. yiwu fair  According to rudimentary statistics, at present, Yiwu has imported merchandise business entities 873, located in the Intercontinental Trade City, Huangyuan market, Nongmao Cheng, international home town, market place supplies and other spots. Yiwu market is suffering from from "buy country wide goods, selling things the country" for you to "buy global products, selling global goods" Dynasty.


To meet the brand new demands of change, Yiwu has made "accelerate urban transformation in addition to development" a major judgement, would Yiwu in a "city strategy,Yiwu market  influenced by international industry and prosperity, World-wide Logistics smooth, development and vitality leaked, the City integrated development" in international buy and sell DC, highlighting the newest Silk Road, Brand-new Port land, "three New" Branch creativity District planning as well as construction. Yiwu Attached Logistics Center (B) is an important new portion of dry ports.


Nowadays, Yiwu municipal govt attaches great relevance to a straight Yiwu Bonded Logistics Facility (B type) job to promote the Udemærket building as safety measures and consolidate the roll-out of regional logistics Altitudes, yiwu market map  deep push in the important task Yiwu International Trade involving comprehensive reform. Considering that January 29 this current year, the State General Government of Customs, Ministry of Finance, Point out Administration of Taxation, Administration of Forex trading and other four ministries officially approved the actual establishment of Yiwu bonded logistics facility (B) since, Yiwu accordance with the "overall planning, step by step, very well the idea, adhere to a superior starting point, high normal construction, high productivity propulsion, with a number of months to complete the particular commissioning of a venture and the construction of knowledge systems, we noticed that the approval, construction season, when completed, subsequently acceptance, full attached logistics Center (B) construction of "Yiwu speed. "


Push into the market upgrading

Inside the ceremony, the creciente He Meihua mentioned, Yiwu International Buy and sell service industry get together area is to advertise the comprehensive reform associated with international trade in addition to accelerate the "two districts and half a dozen city" construction of your large platform plus the main front, the location continued development exercise, power, potential is placed. International Construction supplies production market, Intercontinental Electronic Commerce Area, is pushing to the market transformation as well as upgrading, market growth and create new features of the major starting point is a vital measure to enhance often the urban quality, increase the overall bearing potential of the city. Yiwu City  Following hundred days of combating, the international metropolis block prototype development market has appeared, the basic framework exposed, the successful completing the short-term jobs, creating a market-building "Yiwu speed. " We should redouble our attempts, give the city the strength to do market purchase work to ensure knowledge of "open entrance red", the global production market to make a new benchmark inside Yiwu market.


Meihua hope agglomeration Region continue to carry forwards the courage to, good fine design of tackling, meticulous company, yiwu restaurant  to promote and ensure industry open on schedule, and ensure that international commerce en ligne Park West site visitors road works on timetable put into use; hope the kind of departments and Beiyuan, west street bordures and the masses to be able to actively cooperate together with, support and create advantageous conditions for the job. He Meihua told me the whole city along to be masters of their to support, participate in, using a good project, and try to build a cluster market place gathering area, brand-new city of modern the business sector, warehousing and logistics.


The ceremony, City Committee, Yiwu Foreign Trade Services symbiosis Zone, director Wang Kuiming said the actual international production sector, International Electronic The business sector Park West targeted visitors and road executive is the international creation market city obstruct main frame. Yiwu market  The most famous of the market, the particular park started the inspiration and road traffic know-how, commercial and buy and sell service area along with the construction of a completely new milestone. Agglomeration Zoom under the correct authority of the municipal authorities, the relevant departments inside the city, towns Avenue village (neighborhood) regarding support, closely across the strategic objectives involving "two districts and also six city" design, meticulous organization, communicate to overcome problems, to ensure that international generation market grand beginning in October this coming year to ensure that international Digital commerce Park Western traffic and highway works completion program durability, efforts to develop itself into a major international production market impact the new engine connected with Yiwu economic progress, the business services market gathering area to make a distinctive, quality superb gathering Metro, environmentally friendly City, Metro intelligence and bustling community.

Obligation Silk Road

Together with the powerful whistle, the primary trip, "meaning a whole new Europe, " often the Central European train locomotives (Yiwu - Madrid) off. Car set with 82 standard bins trains from Yiwu, goes through Xinjiang line crossings, economic seat belt along the Silk Route, Yiwu International Trade City map  will finally walk in with continental Europe. This can be China's east sea-coast to Europe's initially international railway carry logistics major roadway, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, and even into your Silk Road Fiscal Belt and twenty first Century Maritime A silk filled duvet Road-building of state strategies of important initiatives.


September 28, Chinese President Xi Jinping at the encounter Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy claimed: "At present, China-EU freight trains excellent momentum of progress, 'meaning new Europe' railway projects originating in Zhejiang Yiwu, This town reach the end, Yiwu market Cina welcomes the dynamic participation of the Gulf construction and surgery, thereby enhancing the condition of bilateral economic in addition to trade cooperation. "China dream and aspiration world blend against each other, " meaning the fresh Europe "Central The european union trains from imaginative and prescient vision into reality, build a beautiful rainbow Man made fiber Road economic seatbelt.


According to chairman with the board trains agent Yiwu days UNITA Industrial Investment Corporation Pingxu Bin release, "meaning the new European union, " the Middle European trains get away from from Yiwu, east-west, Yiwu Hotels  through Anhui, Henan, Shaanxi, Gansu, Xinjiang Alashankou Port get away, then via Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Experienced, Germany, France and handle at Madrid, Southern spain, the entire 13, 052 kilometers on the way around 21 days.

Obligation Trade Development

Business market purchases, means an identified subject of procurement of goods industry concentration by skilled operators for move clearance procedures inside the procurement of area trade way. yiwu fair  Pre-trial circumstances indicate the fact that "market purchases" is a adaptation of Yiwu Small Commodity deal multi-species, multi-batch, smaller batch of new business, LCL group things exports and the key characteristics of pluralism, is an upgraded type of the existing industry patterns of vacation and shopping, incredibly earth led to grass-roots innovations and top-level design combined.


Ever since the establishment of buy and sell market purchases, the kind of departments of the city's innovative regulatory solution, gradually explore a few facilitation, standardization attempts to expand the actual for development of unknown trade, exports greater rapidly. The first 3/4 of this year, yiwu market map  the particular city's export folks $ 17. 17 billion, up 30. 8%, of which market place purchases exports bucks 12. 62 tera-, an increase of teen. 8%, 73. five per cent of the total system exports.


Yiwu Methods official said that typically the implementation of deal in Yiwu sector purchases, is summed up in the sublimation market purchases judging by practical experience in Yiwu, the creation of an commodity for exportation trade to solve the current trade "not fit" problem for China's medium and modest micro-enterprises to the universe to build a practical trade route; Yiwu market  is often a useful exploration of often the international trade regimen carried out; also from the international trade throughout key areas along with key links for you to deepen reform, a new pilot of a dynamic practice. It has manufactured some breakthrough inside management of business and services BUSINESS circulation system development, the construction of an available economy system, improve of government functions, and so forth, for the market to help upgrade and showcase international development in addition to foreign trade progress mode provides the practical experience, will have conducive into the further formation involving highly open, productive and convenient setting for the development of foreign trade and increase participation of new rewards under conditions connected with economic globalization with international economic synergy and competition.